Mupfawi, a chauffeur who was also studying to pass exams, had spent a minute ago R 5 on tickets and won his millions after the previous three draws had rolled over.

Win a - 25792

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John Mphosi, the filling station owner, revealed they received phone calls and visits from many players in the being following the draw, all who accepted wisdom they were the big winner. A single ticket matched all the numbers and the winner came forward en route for claim their money one week afterwards, opting to stay anonymous. One of the lucky winners left it about a full year to come accelerate, claiming their prize just a calendar day before it expired. He did allow a ticket with the winning numbers, but lottery operator Gidani clarified so as to he had bought his ticket afterwards the draw had taken place.

Win a - 13096

789 - 790 - 791 - 792 - 793 - 794 - 795 - 796 - 797

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