But bet Multiple bets which are provisional on a sequence of outcomes. M Mark Another name for a dupe.

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Moneylines run lines and puck lines

Anywhere more than one bet is combinedthe odds accumulated and success is charge on all selections winning. In a teaser, the bettor gets to act oddsmaker. A point underdog that loses has covered, or "covered the spread. Grand Salami Betting on the all-encompassing total of goals scored in altogether the listed games of the calendar day within a specific league e.

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Point spreads

Gambling strategy A systemic approach to insertion bets designed to generate an advantage for the bettor over the bookmaker or house. He or she after that plunks down money on the Pistons to lose by less than so as to margin. Laying the Points — After a bettor takes the favorite. Public: Average, unsophisticated or casual bettors at the same time as a whole; or, used to depict money bet by the public "a lot of public money came all the rage on the Cowboys" ; see "square. Futures: A type of wager involving the outcome of a season before how a particular team or actor will perform over the course of a season.

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Inside Gambling

It can also refer to a agree with bet that is initiated partway all the way through a game or event. Juice: Accompany "vigorish. Player: A sports bettor. Additionally known as an outsider. N Nassau A special golf bet that includes wagers on the front nine, the back nine and the entire agree with. Teaser — A type of parlay where a bettor can move the point spread in his or her favor, but results in a bring down payout.

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Favorite: A team or player that, according to the odds, is the stronger or strongest in a given match-up or is regarded as such as a result of the betting public or is accepted to win. Runner: See "beard. Non-runner Selection that will not participate all the rage any given event. Teaser — A type of parlay where a bettor can move the point spread all the rage his or her favor, but results in a lower payout. Money management: Any strategy used by a bettor for making the most of his bankroll. Halftime betting: Wagers, based arrange betting lines posted at halftime, which involve the outcome of the agree with half of a game only. Bank clerk see also Lock Strongly favoured assortment around which multiple bets are a lot built.

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