Absolute to direct New Customers We accord you the non-exclusive, non-assignable, right, all through the term of this Affiliate Accord, to direct New Customers to such Company Websites as we have approved with you in strict accordance along with the terms of the Affiliate Accord. The list is regularly updated along with new items.

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The Affiliate shall have the sole accountability to pay any and all taxes, levies, charges and any other capital payable or due to any accuse authority, department or other competent article as a result of the advantage generated under the Affiliate Agreement. This documentation may include but is not limited to: bank statements, individual before corporate identity papers and proof of address. Licence to use Company Academic Property Rights We grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence, during the term of this Affiliate Agreement, en route for use the Company Intellectual Property Rights, which we may from time en route for time approve solely in connection along with the display of the promotional materials on the Affiliate Website or all the rage other such locations as may allow been expressly approved in writing as a result of Company. You shall at all times ensure that the Affiliate Website is compliant with all applicable laws, as well as General Data Protection Regulation GDPR , and functions as a professional website. The Affiliate Website will not be full of any defamatory, libellous, discriminatory or if not unsuitable content including, but not imperfect to, violent, obscene, derogatory or pornographic materials or content which would be unlawful in target country. We bidding notify you by email as en route for whether or not your Affiliate Appliance has been successful. Cost and amount You shall be solely responsible designed for all risk, costs and expenses incurred by you in meeting your obligations under the Affiliate Agreement.

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But an error is made in the calculation of the Commission, the Ballet company has the right to correct such calculation at any time and bidding immediately pay out underpayment or get back overpayment made to the Affiliate. You will also not attempt to advantage from traffic not generated in able faith. It is your obligation en route for inform us immediately if you assume illegal or unauthorised use of your Affiliate Account. Unsuitable websites You bidding not use any Affiliate Links before otherwise place any digital advertisements at all featuring our Intellectual Property on a few unsuitable websites whether owned by a third party or otherwise. You bidding provide any documentation required by Ballet company to verify the Affiliate Application after that to verify the Affiliate Account in a row at any time during the call of the Affiliate Agreement. You hereby recognise that any New Customer bring into being to be a bonus abuser, capital launderer or fraudster or who assists in any form of affiliate charlatan whether notified by you or afterwards discovered by us does not add up as a valid New Customer below the Affiliate Agreement, and thereby denial Commission shall be payable in family member to such New Customers. The Administration shall be deemed to be absolute of value added tax or a few other applicable tax.

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Above and beyond, you shall not open more than one Affiliate Account without our aforementioned written consent. Specifically, you will not use any material or in a few way target persons who are below 18 or the legal gambling become old in their jurisdiction. The Affiliate Appliance will form an integral part of the Affiliate Agreement. The Commission shall be deemed to be exclusive of value added tax or any erstwhile applicable tax. Testing them for at no cost is impossible. It is recommended en route for study the user agreement in the English version. It is your commitment to inform us immediately if you suspect illegal or unauthorised use of your Affiliate Account. At our exclusive discretion, we will register any Additional Customers directed to the Company Websites by you and we will chase their transactions. In certain situations, Spinia may charge a fee when withdrawing winnings.

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A few unauthorised use of your Affiliate Balance resulting from your failure to effectively guard your login information shall be your sole responsibility, and you continue solely responsible and liable for altogether such activity occurring under your Associate Account user ID and password whether such activity was undertaken by you or not. Spinia casino is not going to break this tradition. You will provide any documentation required as a result of Company to verify the Affiliate Appliance and to verify the Affiliate Balance information at any time during the term of the Affiliate Agreement. A choice of tools are available to overcome dependence: practical recommendations, contact information of applicable organizations, the ability to set limits, account blocking and other methods. You must also make it clear en route for the recipient that all marketing communications are sent from you and are not from our Company. The Administration shall be deemed to be absolute of value added tax or a few other applicable tax. Games open all the rage browser versions that do not call for installation and work on certified accidental number generators. In case the Associate disagrees with the balance due at the same time as reported, he or she shall acquaint the Company within fourteen 14 agenda days and clearly state reasons of the disagreement. Specifically, you will not use any material or in a few way target persons who are below 18 or the legal gambling become old in their jurisdiction.

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