Had an issue with losing my coins from free spins that crashed.

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Arrange a long shot, I sent a help ticket and I was agreed my credits Still keeping 3 best rating due to the fact so as to daily tasks can be tough accomplish times in a row and the Party Prizes are not easy en route for get nor are very rewarding also. Poor management. I have followed you troubleshooting rules to no avail. Ailment Dec 26, by Billyedie This amusement blatantly rips people off through assembly changes without notice. However, once I build up a nice size back, then I am able to act for a lengthy time and benefit from every minute. Much the reason why, this ridiculously entertaining video slot — Banana Party — by Casino Equipment should be your next favourite venture!

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I wish the games would pay a little bit more often, and not expect me to spend so a good deal money to play. But right at once, as far this slot is afraid, the only use of these fruits to us is the coin amount they carry. Shes over a lvl I sent in a ticket all the way through the game and my problem was fixed in 5 minutes! Change it back how it was please!! I have my favorites and I appreciate how to progressively bet to accomplish the games start paying. Great abundance of games but winning is actual sporadic.

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I wish the games would pay a little bit more often, and not expect me to spend so a good deal money to play. Nov 14, as a result of Dawn Marie I have been before a live audience for a long time. Of avenue, this, in no circumstances, is a deal breaker! And like the actual casino, you have to know after to quit! They turn down the winning and you will not accomplish for days but then you bidding win a bunch of times all the rage a day. Banana Wild — Available Nuts! Good bonuses, at least this casino app, let's you play designed for a while.

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Awkward game, but authentic casino action Oct 25, by Pitbull Still fast after that loose on their slots. If it graces your reels with a fiver, you can be sure to acquire a tickly-tingly cash bonus worth coins! Think Again! A half-peeled banana is that much-talked-about wild.

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This is where the Banana Party actually comes of age. The biggest accessory in town — the Banana Accessory, no less — is just a propos to get under way, and you are expected to turn up! Was just a freaking waste. I adoration this game.

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